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Designing gardens for people with dementia

Garden are great places to promote the health and well-being of people from all walks of life. This is due to the great healing powers gardens can produce. Research carried out by Professor Ulrich in America, shows how gardens and nature can heal people. The presence of plants and flowers, sunshine, nature smells and sounds, wildlife and the sound of trickling water can promote 'healing'. Using these five elements in any garden can help this healing process and it follows that gardens can have this effect on people with dementia too. 

Where possible, people with dementia should be encouraged to go out into the garden, whether to relax and recuperate from the strains of the day or to take part on a garden-based activity to occupy them.

Use the resources here to help you produce a garden suitable for people who have dementia.


How gardens can benefit people with dementia

Gardens have many benefits for people who have dementia due to their healing properties.

Download the factsheet to find out how gardens can be of benefit to people who have dementia.

Factsheet - How gardens can benefit for people with dementia

Garden-based activities for people with dementia

Garden-based activities can help to maintain the health and well-being of people with dementia, keeping them occupied and help prevent social isolation.

Download the factsheet to find out the different types of activities people with dementia can take part in.

Factsheet - Garden-based activities

Garden design considerations

If people with dementia is using the garden it is important that it is suitable for them to use safely.

Download the factsheet to find out what you need to consider when designing or updating gardens to make sure they are suitable for people with dementia to use safely.

Factsheet - Garden design considerations

Safe plant suggestions 

Some plants are toxic, some sting and some are thorny. To avoid unnecessary harm to the person with dementia, use alternative plants to these.

Download the factsheet to find out about plant safety when redisigning or updating dementia friendly gardens. 

Factsheet - Safe plant suggestions

Blog posts 

Go to my blog page for more information on gardens suitable for people with dementia. 

Bespoke assistance

Information, help and advice

I can give you information and advice about how you can adapt your garden to make it safe and suitable for

people with dementia.


If you require a visit I offer advice and suggestions or recommendations to help you to enable you to carry out the adaptations you wish to make.

Cost: £50/hour plus travel time and expenses (eg, accommodation and travel - mileage is charged at 45p/mile or 2nd class train travel)

A remote design service

You complete a questionnaire about your garden needs and send these to me along with some photographs and measurements of your garden so that I can produce a tailor-made ground plan and a suggested planting plan to suit your individual needs.

Download Remote Garden Design - Instructions for submission

Download Remove Garden Design - Design Questionnaire

Download Remote Garden Design - Grid

Cost: £350

Coming soon!

Designing Gardens for People with Dementia: Information, advice and guidance.